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German (native speaker)
English (fluent)
French (basic knowledge)

Education & Experience:

1995-2000: Law School at the University of Regensburg
1996: internship with the German Special Prosecutor's Office to investigate Nazi-era crimes 
1997: internship with the German Securities and Exchange Commission
1997: internship with Clark County District Attorney's Office in Las Vegas, NV, USA
1998: internship with the German General Consulate in New York City, USA
2000: "Staatsexamen" in law (equivalent to J.D. or LL.B.)
2000: law firm Murchison & Cumming in Los Angeles, CA, USA
2001-2002: US Army JAG Corps in Vilseck, Germany
2002-2009: admitted to the bar in Germany
2004: bar-certified specialization course in administrative law 
2007-2009: bar-certified specialist in family law
2010: MA in Philosophy at the Open University, UK (ongoing)
2010: BSc in Develoment and Economics at LSE, London, UK (ongoing)

Published Court Decisions:
- Supreme Court, 1 BvR 204/03, NJW 2006, 3052 = BVerfGK 7, 452 = JA 2007, 236: free speech case
- Appeals Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2006, 878 = IPRspr 2005, Nr 205, 553-555: parental custody of a US soldier during his deployment in Iraq
- Appeals Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2006, 878 = IPRspr 2005, Nr 205, 553-555: continued German jurisdiction in custody proceeding after children moved to the USA
- Appeals Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2009, 637 = IPRax 2009, issue 3, page XI: German divorce granted although parties had already divorced in Florida
- Family Court Amberg, FamRZ 2005, 1839: no interruption of required separation time despite sex between spouses after separation
- Family Court Amberg, NJW-RR 2009, 2: preponderance of a child's educational needs in a distribution of property dispute about a computer
- Family Court Bamberg, FamRZ 2008, 1098: the abducting parent has to bear the expenses of the Hague Convention proceeding even if she/he voluntarily returns the child in the course of that proceeding
- Family Court Fürth, JAmt 2008, 498: custodial rights can be ceased because of overseas stay without possibility of being contacted
- Family Court Mainz, FamRZ 2007, 2083: no distribution of retirement benefits in German-American divorce
- Family Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2004, 725 = IPRspr 2003, Nr 93, 271-274: international child abduction USA-Germany
- Family Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2008, 1777: international child abduction France-Germany with the specialty of the child having habitual residence in both countries
- Family Court Nürnberg, FamRZ 2009, 237 = NJOZ 2008, 3681: no return of a child according to the Hague Convention on Child Abductions because custody in the original country of habitual residence was not exercised
- Family Court Rostock, FamRZ 2009, 625: international child abduction United Kingdom to Germany